The Industrial Apiary can be upgraded with over 20 different upgrades. Each upgrade will cause the Apiary to consume more power (please read the tool tips). Some of these upgrades can be stacked.

  • Humidifier/Dryer Upgrades - More or less Humid Environment
  • Cooler/heater upgrade - Hotter or colder Climate
  • Plaines/Jungle/Desert/Hell/Winter/Ocean - Biome Emulation
  • Light Upgrade - Bees will work during the night
  • Open Sky Upgrade - Bees will work even if there is no visible sky
  • Seal Upgrade - Bees will still work in the rain
  • Sieve Upgrade - Will catch pollen
  • Flower Upgrade - Will increase pollination
  • Pollen Scrubber - Will stop pollen and flowers from generating
  • Territory upgrade - Increase the bees Territory
  • Automation Upgrade - Will Automate the Apiary
  • Production Upgrade - Increase bee production by 20%
  • Genetic Stabilizer Upgrade - Causes Ignoble bees to never decay (energy increase by 100%)

The automation upgrade will automatically move the new Princess to the correct slot in the Apiary. This means you won’t need to move any bees by hand. Even if you have pipes attached to the Apiary, it will still move a Drone and a Princess to the correct slot.

Error Sensor Cover can be put into each side of every machine. It emits a redstone signal when a matching condition is detected.