The Isolator

The isolator is the first step in this long process. You can insert bees, flowers, saplings and Butterflies, and it will isolate Traits (Lifespan, etc.). It will also need Ethanol pumped into it and a steady supply of Enzyme and Blank Sequencers.

This process will take a little while, so while its processing your Bees, Trees, Flowers or Butterflies, it's best to do something else. You can automate this setup with pipes and ducts from your preferred mod.

Once the Isolator has isolated a Trait, it will output it into the far right 6 slots. You will not be able to put Vanilla flowers and saplings in the isolator. Depending on what you put into the, Isolator each output will be different:

  • Bees - Apiarists DNA Sequence
  • Saplings -
  • Butterflies - Lepidopterist DNA Sequence
  • Flowers -

Each one of these Sequences will display “Very Faint, and “Unsequenced” below them. You have a trait but you have no idea what this trait is. To find out more about these, run them through the Analyzer.