The Sequencer

Now that you have run the sample through the Analyzer, put it into a Sequencer. The Sequencer requires Power, Fluorescent Dye and plenty of patience. Hovering over the numbers will tell you its progress:

This process can take around 15 minutes, but once it's done, it will output a Blank Sequence and the trait will be put into your Gene Database (this guide will be using the Master Database that you can get via Creative, so yours will vary depending on what traits you have found and sequenced):

These are all the traits you have Sequenced. With the empty serum Vial (click to pick up), you can select (click the DNA) what traits you want your bee to have. You can also use the Empty Serum Array. If you shift-mouse over the Array, you can see what traits you have selected:

You can make any bee you want provided you have found the traits. Before making a bee, get some Liquid DNA. To do this, you need the Genepool.