Alveary Blocks

There are many other blocks you can put into the Alveary:

Alveary Fan
The Alveary Fan can be part of the Alveary structure to simulate a cooler climate than the biome the Alveary is placed in.

A Fan takes a variable amount of RF to move the temperature of the Alveary down one category. For example: Normal/Normal to Cold/Normal.

Alveary Heater
The Alveary Heater can be part of the Alveary structure to simulate a warmer climate than the biome the Alveary is placed in.

While it takes very little RF to activate a heater, the heater will happily consume massive amounts of power for no additional effect if more power is given. Note that a single heater will only move the temperature up by 20%, no matter how many RF it gets. Multiple heaters may be needed to change the actual Climate, depending on the current Biome and desired level.

Alveary Hygroregulator
The Alveary Hygroregulator can be added to a standard Alveary multi-block construction to influence the humidity and (to a lesser degree) temperature of the hive. Like all modifier blocks, it must be in the bottom two layers of the Alveary to function.

The Hygroregulator accepts Water or Lava to increase or reduce Humidity respectively. Only one type of fluid can be in the Hygroregulator tank at any time. Each Hygroregulator block will affect Humidity by 20% and Temperature by 10%. One bucket will last approximately 50 seconds. The internal storage has space for ten buckets and a stack of cans/capsules. Cans or capsules are consumed, buckets will be only emptied. Multiple Hygro Regulators can be used together to make bigger changes.

Liquid Temperature Change Humidity Change
Lava +10% -20%
Water -10% +20%

Alveary Lighting When used in the construction of an Alveary, Alveary Lighting allows all bees to work through the night, even if they don't have the nocturnal trait.

Rain Shield
When placed as one of the blocks in the construction of an Alveary, the Alveary Rain Shield protects the bees inside from the rain, allowing them to continue working even while it rains.

Frame Housing
Each Frame Housing accommodates the insertion of a frame.

The Swarmer is a block that can be part of an Alveary. Like all modifier blocks for the Alveary, it must be placed in the bottom two rows to function. It needs substantial amounts of Royal Jelly to operate and can accept up to four stacks at once. Royal Jelly is consumed each cycle, regardless if a Hive is successfully generated or not. The Swarmer creates Swarm Hives rarely, in a large radius around the Alveary. These hives look similar to wild Beehives, but are dark brown.

The Swarm Hive will yield a Princess clone of the current Queen and no Drones, but these Swarm-generated bees will only live for a limited amount of generations in captivity. All swarm hive created Princesses will have the [ - ] trait after their name, and pass it on to any offspring. This trait means the Queen has a very good chance of not yielding a Princess among her offspring. The Swarmer will give you more Princesses, but they will not stay around for more than a couple of generations and they are useless for breeding purposes.

The Mutator is an Alveary addition that can increase the chance of creating a mutation in the genetic code of one or more Bees. To work, it must be part of the Alveary structure. Having multiple mutators in one Alveary makes the effect stack.

Depending on the item provided, the success rate of a mutation changes. Each Mutator can hold up to one stack of a single item. The Mutator will consume one item placed in it each time a Queen dies, regardless of actually being able to create mutations or not.

  • Soul Sand - success rate 1.5 times higher.
  • Ender Pearl - success rate 2 times higher.
  • Eye of Ender - success rate 4 times higher.
  • Uranium Ore - success rate is 10 times higher. (Neither Refined Uranium or Uranium Dust work.)
  • Nether Star - success rate is 50 times higher. (Cannot fail, always >100% success.)
  • As the smallest mutation chance is currently 2%, a Nether Star will always result in a successful mutation for all bees, if one is possible.