Royal Jelly & Pollen Clusters

The Alveary needs “Royal Jelly”, “Pollen Clusters” and a whole load of Honey in order to craft. The only way to get Jelly and Pollen is via bees.

Royal Jelly is a byproduct from Imperial bees, and Pollen Clusters are a byproduct from Industrious bees.

You can get these from others bees depending on your modpack. This guide is just going for the quickest way to get these materials.

The bee breeding process is the same. You might need to breed extra Princesses and add a few different flowers. As long as you keep using the Portable Analyzer you will have no problems.

The process for getting Royal Jelly and Pollen Clusters requires you to breed two different bees. The process for getting these bees is long and can take a few days to really get right. If you follow the below path, you shouldn’t have any problems.

In order to make an Alveary you will need 27 Alveary Blocks and 9 Slabs. Total, that is:

  • 264 Pollen Clusters and Royal Jelly

This will take time, but if you have enough Drones, you can fill as many Apiaries as you wish with queens. That will produce both for you.