Apiarist's Chest/Backpack

You can store your bees in Chests, but an Apiarist chest is more efficient. It ONLY holds Bees (a few thousand), and will make it much easier to find the specific bees you are looking for. It will also tell you how many of each species of bee you have found.

More in depth detail can be found on the Forestry Wiki:

“The chest displays the bee’s primary species on top, and below it several Question Marks (?). Each question mark represents a possible mutation when the species is crossed with another, while the colour of the mark denotes how rare the mutation is. Green have the highest chance of a mutation occurring when two species cross, while yellow and red marks represent uncommon and rarer mutations. Once a mutation is discovered, the question mark changes to an Exclamation Point (!) and an icon representing the other species will appear beneath.

If a bee is not a purebred and has been analyzed, the secondary species will appear as well, with its own set of mutation markers.”

For now we only need it to store our bees (and Honeycombs). It would also be a good idea to also create an Apiarist’s Backpack. This one can hold Bees and Honeycombs, making life a little easier.