Before You Start

Jumping straight into Bees as soon as you start your world is possible but it’s best if you are more prepared. This cuts down the time it takes for you to get into bees. I suggest you have the following in place before you start:

  • A stable Power Grid with the following Machines:
    • A Squeezer
      • Throw as many spare seeds into this and get as much Seed Oil as possible
    • 3 Carpenters
      • Water
      • Seed oil
      • Honey
    • A Centrifuge
      • Throw 3 or 4 Combs into this and Extract the Honey
  • Logs/Wood
  • Chests
  • Wool
  • Food
  • A few Diamonds

It's recommended that you have a small base set up with food, a bed and shelter.