There are 20 frames in the FTB Revelation Mod Pack. Frames allow you to do a variety of things when placed in an apiary. Most increase the production speed of a bee by double, and can be stacked for plenty of benefits. The main stats frames have are, Production, Lifetime, Durability, Genetic Decay, Mutation Chance and Territory.

Production, Lifespan, Territory, and Durability are all self explanatory: Production modifies bee output, Lifespan modifies the queen’s lifespan, Durability is how many cycles a frame will last, and Territory modifies the bee’s territory range. Genetic Decay modifies how often Ignoble Stock queens will die out. Mutation Chance modifies the percentage change a bee will mutate into a new species.

For example, a frame with 2.0x Production, 1.1x Lifespan, 0.8x Genetic Decay, and 80 Durability will give your queen double the production speed, an additional 10 percent lifespan, and a bonus of 20 percent to not randomly die out if she is Ignoble Stock. It will last 80 cycles (or 2200 seconds). Putting in 3 of these frames increases these bonuses to 6 times (30 percent lifespan, and 60 percent less genetic decay) respectively. Durability does not stack, as all frames will use it up simultaneously.

Forestry Frames

Name Durability Function
Untreated Frame 80 x2 Production
Impregnated Frame 240 x2 Production
Proven Frame 720 x2 Production

Untreated Frame
It is the weakest and most basic type of frame. Sometimes it may be found in village Apiaries. Each Untreated Frame will double a bee’s productivity.

Impregnated Frame
Each freame doubles the bee’s productivity. It has a longer durability than the Untreated Frame, but a shorter one compared to the Proven Frame. Impregnated Frames can sometimes be found inside Villager Apiaries.

Proven Frame
Each frame doubles the bees productivity. Out of the three Forestry frames (Untreated, Impregnated and Proven), the Proven Frame has the longest durability. Proven Frames can only be bought from Apiarist Villagers.

Extra Bees Frames

Name Durability Function
Chocolate Frame 240 x1.5 Production, x0.5 Lifespan
Healing Frame 240 x1.5 Lifespan, x0.75 Production, x0.5 Mutation Rate
Nova Frame 240 Shortens lifespan to one cycle and changes Mutation Rate to 100%. Unobtainable except if in Creative Mode or as an OP on a server.
Restraint Frame 240 x0.75 Lifespan, x0.75 Production, x0.5 Area (for special Effects, such as Poison, Flammable, Beatific, etc.)
Soul Frame 80 x1.5 Mutation Rate, x0.75 Lifespan, x0.25 Production

Soul Frame
Increases the chance of getting a different type of bee species at the cost of drastically reduced production and a shorter lifespan.

It increases the chance of mutation by 50% of the initial mutation chance. The lifespan is reduced to 75%, while production is reduced to 25% of its original value.

Healing Frame
Increases a Queen's lifespan at the cost of a lesser productivity and a decreased mutation rate.

It increases a bee’s lifespan by 50% while reducing its productivity to 75%, and the chance of mutation to only 50%

Restraint Frame
Decreases bee range at the cost of lower productivity and a shorter lifespan.

The lifespan and production are both reduced to 75%. The bee’s territory is decreased to 50%, meaning that special effects such as poison or aggression have a smaller range. The Restraint Frame is only considered useful in special cases, as a bees damaging effects can also be cancelled out using Apiarist's Clothes.

Chocolate Frame
The Chocolate Frame increases the production of the Queen by 50% while reducing her lifespan by 50%. The effects of multiple frames stack multiplicatively, so three Chocolate Frames will make the Lifespan for a Longest life Queen four minutes instead of the usual thirty two. It is constructed using Cocoa Beans and an Impregnated Frame. Chocolate Frames are most often employed to speed up generational turnover, when cloning Princesses for a pure strain or breeding for traits. For increased production, Forestry's standard Frames are more effective, unless the apiary is setup to automatically replace the Drones and Princesses when the queen dies, in this case the chocolate frame will speed up production.

Magic Bees Frames

Name Durability Function
Gentle Frame 200 x1.5 Lifespan, x1.4 Production, x0.7 Mutation Rate, -1 Vis per use, "Sano" and "Victus" Flux will be released
Magic Frame 240 x2 Production, -2 Vis per use
Metabolic Frame 120 x1.2 Production, x1.8 Mutation Rate, -5 Vis per use, "Permutatio" and "Motus" Flux will be released
Necrotic Frame 270 x0.3 Lifespan, x0.75 Production, -1 Vis per use, "Mortuus" and "Venenum" Flux will be released
Resilient Frame 840 x2 Production, -2 Vis per use, "Tutamen" Flux will be released
Temporal Frame 300 x2.5 Lifespan, -1 Vis per use, "Tempus" Flux will be released
Oblivion Frame 60 Sets lifespan of the bee equal to one cycle (27.5 seconds or 550 ticks), -15(?) Vis per use, "Tempus" flux will be released. Has an 'end-game' recipe, and can be found as loot in dungeon chests.

Magic Bees is a bit of a hit and miss. Unless you have a magic mod installed such as Thaumcraft or Ars Magica then the frames just become the same as other frames, but with different materials. Skip these because they don't add many useful (apart from a few frames) or interesting bees unless you have magic mods.

Magic Frame
Has a very high durability and doubles bee production. Impregnated Frame alternative.

Necrotic Frame
Drastically decreases a Queen's lifespan and productivity. It has a durability of 270. Alternative to the Restraint Frame.

Temporal Frame
Drastically increases a Queen's lifespan to 150%. It has a durability of 300.

Metabolic Frame
Drastically increases a bees mutation rate, as well as slightly increasing its production, at the cost of high aura consumption. It has a durability of 120.

Resilient Frame
Doubles the bee’s productivity. It has a durability of 840, making it the most durable frame available. The Resilient Frame is the longer-lasting counterpart to the Magic Frame.

Gentle Frame
Increases a Queen's lifespan and production at the cost of a slightly lower mutation rate. It has a durability of 200, which is slightly shorter than average.

The Gentle Frame increases a bee’s lifespan by 50%, its productivity by 40%, but the mutation rate is lowered by 30%.

Oblivion Frame
Oblivion frames reduce the lifespan of a queen to just one cycle, making it invaluable in trying to mutate or get extra Drones without needing to wait. Placing Soul Frames or Mutation Frames with an Oblivion Frame will make mutating a new species a snap. Note that while you can put multiple Oblivion Frames into an apiary, this is extremely wasteful as you only need a single frame to kill off the queen. There are also other ways of killing off your queen instantly.

Oblivion Frames are extremely rare and expensive, so use them only if you can afford it. These can be crafted but the materials required are byproducts from Magic Bees.

When starting out with bees, its best to not use any frames, this will save you resources. Frames become more handy when you have an Alveary.

Once you do have an Alveary you want to maximise your output of byproducts.