Villagers and Buildings

When wandering around the world you will in no doubt come across a village, and in that village you might be lucky enough to find a Forestry villager and house.

There is generally always a chest with lots of Bee-related goodies, such as Honeycombs and bee houses. The bee houses are outside the house (normally in the garden) and contain a few bees that you should collect.

Villagers will often have various Forestry items to trade. You want to keep these guys alive (until you have the infrastructure or time to breed villagers). If they offer you frames or Bees then they are worth keeping, but generally anything else is of no use to us (in terms of Bees).

You may also find bees and different types of Honey Combs. This guide will go into more detail about these later. For now, collect and store them.

Generally, it is not a bad idea to loot everything and store it. You never know when you will need something.