Hopper Filters

Certain Filters will let certain items pass. If the filter does not let an item pass, the item will hover over the hopper (bouncing just a little bit):

  • Grates
    • Crafted with any type of wood, they are 1 block high, meaning you can jump over them (not very useful for fencing off animals).
      • Will let items that have a max stack size of 1 Pass
        • Weapons, Tools, Armor or items with Durability
  • Iron Bars
    • Vanilla Iron Bars, nothing new or special.
      • Will let stackable items and blocks pass through.
        • Ores, Sand, Dirt
  • Ladders
    • Vanilla Ladders, nothing new or special.
      • Will only let items pass through, not blocks.
        • Tools, Weapons, Armor
  • Slats
    • These can be crafted with any type of wood. They are 1 block high meaning you can jump over them (not very useful for fencing off animals).
      • Will only let String and paper pass through.
        • String, Paper
  • Trap Doors
    • Vanilla trap doors, nothing new or special.
      • Will only let blocks pass though, NOT items.
        • Ore, Stone, Dirt
  • Wicker
    • Made from Sugarcane.
      • Will allow Dust, Piles and Sand to pass through (excluding soul sand).
      • Piles of Dirt, Sand, Gravel. Gravel has a chance of giving you Flint.
  • Soul Sand
    • This material needs a bit of a longer explanation. As a filter, Soulsand has 2 uses:
      • Will collect experience orbs when not powered, and will drop bigger orbs of experience when powered.

Even though the below is more relevant later on, it is still important to keep in mind.

The Soul Sand Filter is special, as it is used in more advanced recipes, and is very important when progressing through the mod. Later on, you will need to filter Ground Netherrack into Hellfire Dust.


If you filter Ground Netherrack without the hopper being powered, after 8 Ground Netherrack, a Ghast will spawn into the Overworld (or in whatever dimension you are doing this in).

You can also avoid Ghasts spawning by placing an Urn under the hopper. This will then capture the ghasts “soul”. After 8 Ground Netherrack have been filtered, the Urn will pop off and turn into a Soul Urn.