Alchemy Arrays

We have used Arcane ashes to help us create our Divination Sigil but we can also use these ashes to make arrays. These are buffs that work when you walk into (or for some, near) them. Right-clicking the ground with Arcane Ashes (these have about 20 uses) will give you a Blank Alchemy Array, this is the base of all the arrays (this step also define the orientation of certain Arrays, such as Movement and Teleportation):

A few notes about these circles:

These can be placed against walls but it will look weird:

These circles are also NON-SOLID objects so you can walk and fall through these.

Now to fully use these arrays you will need to add other activation ingredients to these circles to make them work. The first ingredient is the Reagent and defines the type of Array you’re creating. The second is the Catalyst, which activates the effect. Whenever you break the Array, you’ll get the ingredients back.

Please ensure you are putting the item into the array in the RIGHT ORDER or these arrays WILL NOT WORK. If you do put an item into the array in the wrong order it will store and not craft the items but you can get these back by breaking the array. The durability of the Arcane Ashes will be wasted, however. You can also do this for most functional arrays, once you’re done with them.

In-game, the Sanguine Scientiem compiles the following list of Arrays in the Alchemist chapter (the only (known) missing entry is The Attractor Array). Please note that we talk here only about the Arrays that have a permanent (and stationary) effect. The Arrays used for crafting (Sigils, Living Armor...) are spread among the other sections.