Teleportation Array

Drawn by an Ender Pearl (Reagent) and activated by a Redstone (Catalyst), this Array allows you (and the mobs) to teleport to the Teleportation Array (activated or not) it is pointing. A few restrictions, however, the targeted Array must be on the same y-level, on the same x-line (or z-line, depending on the orientation) and at most 20 blocks away. If the targeted Array is active and has a target too, staying on it more than a half a second after the teleportation will make you teleport again.

On the above image, the 2 Arrays on the left are active while those on the right are not. Only the set up below will work for a one-way travel from left to right (no matter if the right bottom Array is active or not). If the right top Array was placed correctly and active, one can use this set up to go back and forth.