Lava Crystals

Now that we have LP in our personal network we can put it to some kind of use. The Lava Crystal can be placed into a furnace, placing it into the furnace will remove ~750LP from your network, this will act as a fuel source but with a big difference. Each smelt will cost 50LP. If you run out of LP you will gain a nausea effect (this will not stop unless you either take out the lava crystal or add LP to your personal network) and the smelting will stop.

Each time you remove the Lava crystal from the furnace and place it back in the Lava Crystal will remove a further roughly 750LP (varies randomly) from your personal network, this can drain your network very quickly and sometimes completely drains the network so be careful.

Fill up your network, bind the Crystal to yourself and put it in a furnace and don't take it out.

For many other mods which include solid fuel (e.g. coal) generators, the Lava Crystal can be used as a consistent source of energy fueled by LP!