Bound Tools and Weapons

These tools and weapons are simple to make, by placing “Binding Reagent” and a Diamond Sword/Axe/Pickaxe/Shovel into a blank array you will be able to craft tools/Weapons that have no durability. These weapons run off LP, once you have crafted one of these weapons they will be inactive, shift right clicking them will activate them, as long as these Weapons/Tool are active they will be draining 20 LP every 4 seconds.

These tools also have secondary uses, hold right click and letting go will clear a 11x11x11 cube above you at the cost of 10,000 LP. The bound sword has a different use.

  • Bound Sword
    • This sword has no right click function but when a mob is killed with this sword they have a chance of dropping a Weak Blood Shard (the chance can be increased with Looting), whenever you damage a mob, LP will also be drained FROM YOUR PERSONAL NETWORK. This can kill you.