Master Ritual Stone/Ritual Stone's

Another key factor for all Rituals (this includes Standard Rituals and Advanced Rituals) is the Master Ritual Stone, crafted with Ritual Stones, Obsidian and a Magician's Blood Orb (or a higher Tier).

This stone is the base of ALL rituals without it you will not even be able to build a Ritual. This stone is the centrepiece of each ritual, it’s what you use to turn on, turn off, and to activate the ritual.

These ritual stones will also react to Redstone, applying a Redstone signal to the ritual stone will turn off a ritual. Applying a Redstone signal to the stone itself without a ritual will simply do nothing.

There is an inverted version of the Master Ritual Stone (conveniently called Inverted Master Ritual Stone), this behaves just like the regular ritual stone but you will need to apply a Redstone signal to turn rituals on.

Applying a Redstone signal will only turn off the ritual, this does not mean you will need to spend the LP to reactivate the ritual. Once the Ritual is activated it can be turned on and off at will. Only deconstructing the ritual and building it another location will require reactivation.

Ritual stones are the other building blocks of rituals, each Ritual has a different arrangement of Ritual Stones in a very particular pattern, these also have to have the right markings on them. There are 6 types of ritual stone (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Dusk and Dawn) but in the current version of the mod, you can only craft 5 of the 6. These can be crafted by “painting” (right-clicking the stone with the Inscription Tool) the ritual stones with their corresponding Elemental Inscription Tool (these are crafted in a Tier 3 Blood Altar).

As you can only craft 5 of the 6 Ritual stones you will need to use the Divining Rod to build your Ritual, this means the crafted Ritual stones are only really good for decoration.