Ritual Diviner

Before jumping into more advanced rituals it is highly recommended that you craft the Ritual Diviner. This tool will help you build all the Standard Rituals and takes the guesswork out of building each ritual. Remember this Diviner is only for basic Rituals! However, it can be upgraded to a Ritual Diviner (Dusk) for more advanced rituals.

Holding the Ritual Diviner in hand and hold Shift while right-clicking will cycle through all the available rituals, you can then hover over a master Ritual stone which will then show a ghost layout of the ritual. This is where each specific ritual stone should be placed and what type of stone should be used.

As long as you have normal ritual stones in your inventory you should be able to hold right-click the Diviner will automatically place the correct ritual stones in the correct locations. The Diviner also has no durability so no need to worry about it breaking. The Diviner will make green particles appear on the master ritual stone, this just confirms a stone placement, when there are no more particles the ritual has been completely built.

The alternative is not worth the hassle as these rituals have to be set out in a certain way in regards to structure and what type of stones you use. Doing this manually is simply not worth it. Also, it is currently not possible to make Dusk stones without the Ritual Diviner.