As you are able to craft Imbued slates you can also craft a few more useful Sigils:

Sigil Name Sigil Effect Sigil Cost
Sigil of the Blood Lamp Right-clicking will throw an orb of blood that can be used as a light source 10LP
Sigil of Holding Store 5 Sigils within it. While in hand, press H (by default) to open the Sigil’s inventory, Shift + Scroll wheel to choose a stored Sigil N/A
Sigil of Magnetism Attracts nearby items 50LP per 5 second
Sigil of Elemental Affinity Provides protection from Falling, Burning and Drowning 200 LP every 5 seconds
Sigil of the Claw Grants a climbing buff 100 LP every 5 seconds

Most of these sigils will require other sigils to craft and all of these can be crafted using an alchemical array.