Tier 3 Runes

Now that we have access to the Tier 3 Altar, we also have access to Imbued Slates! These are crafted in the same way as the other slates, but they cost 5,000 LP each to craft. With these new slates also come with a few new runes that will help increase the LP storage of our Altar and also increase the Altars transfer rate.

Rune of Capacity

Currently, the Altar can only hold 10,000 LP so crafting more than 2 of these at a time will be very slow.

Luckily we can craft Runes of Capacity, this will increase the amount of LP the main tank of your Blood Altar can hold by 2,000 LP additively.

Rune of Displacement

With no runes, the Altar will fill up blood orbs and slates at a rate of 20LP per second. This can be increased with Runes of Displacement, which increases the transfer rate of the Altar by 1.2x per Rune. This makes filling orbs a little faster.