Filling the Gems/Aura

With these new types of will, you will be able to convert normal tartaric gems into gems on that will type. You can also combine Grand Gems in a crafting grid but these will require a nether star. The other method is by placing the crystal of the Will type you want in the gem into a Demon Crucible, then you can place an empty Gem into the far right slot of the Hellfire Forge, this will force the gem to pull out the Will type you have burned into the Aura, You will need to keep adding that type of Will into the Aura via the Crucible.

A good idea is to fill 1 gem up at a time with each of the different Will types and once you have all 4 you can have 4 Crucibles with gems and keep pumping in any let over Crystals into the Crucible.