Resonance of the Faceted Crystal

Activation Cost: 20,000LP
Cost Per 20 Ticks: 1,000LP

The only way to create different Will crystals is via the Resonance of the Faceted Crystal ritual, once built you will need to activate the ritual and then put a Demon Crystallizer on top of the ritual stone. Next you will need to ensure you fill the Aura with Will, this will slowly cause the Crystalizer to grow a normal demonic Will Crystal.

Once the crystal has grown 5 or more spires the ritual will break off a crystal and place a new type of crystal on the floor on top of one of the 4 aspect stones around the Crystalizer. This will happen again and again but there is no guarantee that all 4 crystals will grow at the same time. The best thing to do is to wait until all 4 crystal wills have fully grown before harvesting.