Ritual of Grounding

Activation Cost: 5,000LP
Cost Per second: 20LP

By Default this Ritual when activated will drag mobs to the ground and prevent them from jumping or floating up (like Blazes).

This ritual can also be modified with Will, this will must be fed into the Aura otherwise it will not work:

Will Type Effect
Raw Will Ritual will affect players as well as mobs
Corrosive Will Disables Gravity
Destructive Will Increase fall damage of affected entities
Steadfast Will Allows the ritual to affect boss’s
Vengeful Will Amplifies the grounding effect and increase fall damage
Vengeful & Corrosive Grants Levitation

This ritual can also have its range set, currently there is no limit on how big the range is, when using the ritual Tinkerer on the ritual you will get an error message but you still be able to set a new area.