Ritual of the Crusher

Activation Cost: 2,500LP
Cost Per Mined Block: 7LP

The Ritual of the Crusher mines blocks from the 3x3x3 cube directly beneath the Master Ritual Stone and places them into the inventory on top of the Master Ritual Stone. The chest location can be configured but it has to be in a 2 block radius of the Master Ritual stone. The area of which the ritual can break blocks can also be configured but this can only be a maximum of 9 blocks away from the Master Ritual Stone.

Demonic Will can also be configured with this Ritual:

Will Type Effect
Raw Increases the speed of the ritual based on the total Will in the Aura
Corrosive All blocks are broken to be processed with a form of cutting fluid. Override Silk Touch where applicable. (Ore Doubling)
Steadfast Causes all blocks that are broken to be picked up with silk touch. Overrides Fortune where applicable. (Silk Touch)
Destructive Blocks are broken down forcefully: all blocks broken are affected by Fortune 3.
Vengeful Compresses the inventory on a successful operation. Currently only does one compression per operation (items include compressed cobblestone or Lapis into block form.