Well of Suffering

Activation Cost: 40,000LP
Cost per ½ heart of damage caused to mobs: 25 LP

The well of suffering is the key to automating the Blood Altar, at the cost of a little LP this ritual will damage any mobs within its range and drain 25LP for each ½ heart of damage caused to mobs and put it into the Blood Altar. This Ritual is like an automatic Sacrificial Dagger that stabs mobs. This Ritual will do a small amount of damage to any mobs within its 10 block range, this can and will kill mobs so it must be fed mobs in order to generate LP. This effect respects any Runes of Sacrifice around the Altar.

By default this Ritual looks for a Blood Altar within a 10 block radius, this can be configured but the Altar must be with a 14 Vertical range and a 9 block Horizontal range of the Master Ritual Stone.

The damage radius of the Altar is 10 blocks by default but this can also be configured, it needs to be within a vertical range of 14 blocks and a horizontal range of 14 blocks of the Master Ritual Stone.


There is a way to keep this Ritual full of mobs without having to build any kind of complicated mob farm around it. The simple suggestion is to trap mobs within the glass and have them stand on Grave Soil (This is an item from Tinkers’ Construct):

You can then gather mobs (zombies work best) with a Capture Wand (from Not Enough Wands) and place them onto the Graveyard Soil. These mobs should then be named to stop them from despawning.

There are 4 spots around the ritual where this can be done, you can keep adding more and more mobs.

This should keep your Altar topped up and there is no need to have rogue mobs running around, this can also be put over the top of an altar, I recommend going 4 blocks up and then placing the Master Ritual Stone.

It is a very good idea to place down a Sound Muffler from Extra Utilities 2, as the sound of a whole load of zombies taking damage can drive a person insane.