Having Access to the Demonic Slate gives you access to other Sigils:

Sigil Name Sigil Effect LP Cost
Teleposition Sigil This Sigil will need to be linked to a Teleposer (shift-Right click on the Telposer), once the sigil is linked it will allow one way travel to the Teleposer. These sigils can only be linked to one Teleposer. 1000 LP
Sigil of Haste When used gives player Boost Buff : a mix between Speed II, Jump Boost II and Step Assist. You can add the Boost effect to the actual Potion effects Speed II and Jump Boost II to run even faster and jump up to 4 blocks (only 2 with Boost or Jump Boost II alone) 250 LP/Further 250 LP every 5 seconds while active
Sigil of Suppression Upon right click, the Sigil of Supression will remove all liquids within a five block radius for as long as the user is in that location. Once moving away from the liquid or deactivating the sigil, the liquid will return after a short delay. 400 LP every 5 seconds
Transposition Sigil Upon shift right clicking a block with the Transposition Sigil, a lightning bolt will strike the block, making the block disappear and storing it in the sigil. When the sigil is right clicked again there will be another bolt of lightning to release the block at the position clicked. The initial shift click to store a block costs LP, with no further cost to keep the block stored or to re-summon the block. ₁ 5000 LP per Block
Sigil of Ender Severance This Sigil prevents teleporting. It has an effect range over an area of 11 x 11 x 11 centered on the Player. This allows a Player to easily attack the Enderman, with a ranged weapon, without him jumping all over 200 LP every 5 seconds and sneaking up from behind.
Sigil of Compression This Sigil compresses 9 items of a kind until you have less than 64 of them in your whole inventory into its block form if possible. Since the LP cost is only taken every 5 seconds, you can wait for having a lot of items to compress, then activate the Sigil for only 1 second : that way, it will only cost you 200 LP every 5 uses or so. 200 LP every 5 seconds

Sigil of the Phantom Bridge When active, this Sigil creates a 7x7 platform of Spectral Block centered at the Player. Spectral Blocks outside of the platform will vanish if you move 10 blocks away from them. These blocks can be broken instantly with a hit but will be replaced immediately by another one and 'Right-clicking' on one with another block will place it against the Spectral Block. This can be used to build in mid-air. Crouching will create a layer below you. Activating this Sigil costs 100 LP every 5 seconds until deactivated.

This Sigil does not create Spectral Blocks while the player is jumping or falling, unless the player is sneaking. Sneaking while standing on a platform will spawn a new platform one block lower. This can be used to descend safely. Combining a Sigil of the Phantom Bridge with an Air Sigil provides the user an alternative to more traditional flight mechanics.

₁ By default Bedrock and Spawners are not able to be picked up, this can be changed in the config