Sound of the Cleansing Soul

We can clear all the upgrades from our armor with a simple ritual, this will enable us to pick and choose what traits we want on our armor, before you do this ritual you will need to have a relatively empty inventory. This Ritual can be set up with a Ritual Diviner (Dusk). Once set up it will require 50,000LP to Activate, this Ritual will need to be activated EVERY TIME you want to clear your traits. Once activated you will need to step onto the Master Ritual Stone (in the middle of the Ritual). As soon as you step onto the Master Ritual Stone you will have all of the traits removed and turned into Tomes, these will land in your inventory.

It is highly advisable to remove your armor at this point so you don't have to reactivate the ritual.

These tomes can be combined in an anvil to increase the level of the trait so adding “Experienced II” with another “Experienced II” will give you “Experienced III”. Crafting higher-level traits does not mean you can add them to your armor as you are still limited by the number of upgrade points. You can right-click these tomes (with Bound Armor Equipped) and it will add the trait back onto your Armor. This is not recommended as there is a better use for these Tomes.