Advanced Functional Flowers

These functional flowers can be made with the runes you now have access to. These are essential for most advanced flower-based builds.

Jaded Amaranthus

When fed with Mana this flower will spawn a bunch of different Mystical flowers around it, this flower can be controlled via Redstone.


This flower will stop nearby creepers from exploding and also make creepers run away from players.


This flower will change nearby stone into Metamorphic stone, this can be used for decoration,all 9 types of stone will appear but more will appear depending on the biome.

Fallen Kanade

This flower will use Mana from nearby Mana pools and give off a Regeneration effect to nearby entities.


This flower will fuel nearby furnaces and also boost their smelting speed a little using Mana.


This flower will speed up the growth speed of any nearby flowers/trees/crops at the cost of Mana.

Hopper Hock

The Hopper hock will pick up items around it (6 blocks) and deposit them into nearby inventories, it does not require mana to function but if supplied with mana it will increase its range to 10.

The Hopper Hock can also sort items to a certain extent, inventories with items frames with items placed in them can influence the way the Hopper Hock works, by using the Wand of the Forest on the Hopper Hock you can cycle between the following modes:

  • Pick up items in Frames
    • The Hopper Hock will act as a whitelist for items that are in item frames
  • Pick up items, not if frames
    • Stop the Hopper Hock from picking up items that are in nearby frames
  • Pick up any items
    • Hopper Hock will pick up all items around it and will priorities items that are in item frames


This flower will place any block thrown at it onto any block the flower is currently on. Putting this flower on Coarse Dirt will tell the plant to put a block down on any Coarse dirt it can find around it. It can place Sugar cane but the block must be a valid block, e.g. must have a water source near it. Giving this flower Mana will increase its range.


Supplying this plant with Mana will keep nearby mobs within its 5 block radius acting like a fence.


Supplying this plant with Mana will keep all mobs away from around the flower, the opposite of the Tangleberrie


When supplied with Mana, any creatures that come within this flower’s range will stop in their tracks and stay frozen.


At the cost of a little Mana this flower will feed nearby mobs with the appropriate food items from food in nearby inventories.


This flower will poison nearby mobs and bring them down to half a heart of health allowing them to be killed with a single swing. This flower can be controlled by Redstone and will not affect the player.


At the cost of Mana this flower will act like a fan that will push any items in front of it, the orientation can be changed with the Wand of the Forest. This flower can be controlled by Redstone.


When supplied with Mana, any Enderman within this flower range who teleports will be teleported directly to this flower. This flower can be controlled by Redstone.