Alchemical Catalyst

The Mana Pool is able to convert more items then the standard ones, adding an Alchemical Catalyst below the Mana Pool will allow you to convert a range of other items:

Original Items Converted Outcome
Rotten Flesh Leather
Glowstone 4 Glowstone Dust
Quartz Block 4 Quartz
Stone Bricks Chiselled Stone Bricks
Snow Ice
Vines Lily Pad
Cocoa Beans Seeds
Wheat Potato
Blaze Rod Nether Wart
Gunpowder Flint
Flint Gunpowder
Book and Quill Name Tag
Wool (any colour) 3 String
Ghast Tear Ender Pearl
Glowstone Dust Redstone
Redstone Glowstone Dust
Cobblestone Sand
Terracotta Red Sand
Popped Chorus Fruit Chorus Flower

There are a few items that will cycle different items eventually leading to the original item:

Andesite > Diorite > Granite > Andesite

Fern > Dead Bush > Grass > Fern

Dandelion > Poppy > Blue Orchid > Allium > Azure Bluet > Red Tulip > Orange Tulip > White Tulip > Pink Tulip > Oxeye Daisy > Sunflower > Lilac > Rose Bush > Peony > Dandelion

Potato > Carrot > Beetroot Seeds > Melon Seeds > Pumpkin Seeds > Cocoa Beans > Poisonous Potato > Potato

Cactus > Slime Ball > Cactus

Raw Fish > Raw Salmon > Clownfish > Puffer Fish > Raw Fish

Dark Wood/Sapling > Oak Wood/Sapling >Spruce Wood/Sapling > Birch Wood/Sapling > Jungle Wood/Sapling > Acacia Wood/Sapling > Dark Oak Wood/Sapling