Hovering Hourglass

Building clocks with Redstone is cumbersome and takes up a bunch of space, there are other mods that introduce clocks but since we are focusing on Botania it’s a good idea to cover this clock. This clock can also be manipulated with Mana Bursts making it perfect for any Botania build.

This clock will count down and then send a Redstone pulse then start counting down again. You can customise the amount of time per each pulse by adding different amounts of different sands. It's important to know you can only have one type of sand in the Hourglass at a time, you can also only add a maximum of 64 of each type of sand to the Hour Glass:

  • Sand
    • 1 Second per block of Sand
      • 64 seconds with 1 stack of Sand
  • Red Sand
    • 10 Seconds per block of Red Sand
      • 10:40 with 64 Red Sand
  • Soul Sand
    • 1 Minute per block of Soul Sand
      • 64:00 with 64 Soul Sand

You can always check how long the timer is and how much sand is within the hourglass by hovering over it with your Wand of the Forest.

You can lock the Hourglass by Right-Clicking with your Wand of the Forest.

Mana Powder can also be added into the Houseglass, this will turn the Hourglass into a counter. Once 10 (for example) Mana Powder has been added, each time there is a Mana Burst the Hourglass will drop a 1 of the Mana sand, once there has been 10 bursts the Hourglass will send a pulse.

The Hourglass can also be filled and emptied with hoppers.