Terra Steel Tools and Armor

Terra steel can be turned into blocks and nuggets just like any other metal, it can also be used to make tools and armour.

The Terra Steel armor is a slight upgrade from Mana Steel, providing diamond level protection, 70 Mana will be used from the player’s inventory (from a Mana Tablet or Mana holding ring) per-point of durability repairs as well as a small knockback resistance per item worn.

Wearing a full set of Terra Steel armour will grant you the following bonuses:

  • Passive generation of 1 Mana per tick
  • 20% decrease of Mana cost on all Mana-using tools and rods
  • Passive regeneration of 2 health every 4 seconds if their hunger bar isn't full

The Terra Steel Headpiece can also have Will’s added to it to grant extra bonuses, these Will’s only drop from the hard mode version of the Gaia Guardian (more on this here), although these are not available until much later into Botania it's good to know what is in store:

  • Will of Ahrim
    • applies Weakness II for 1 second
  • Will of Dharok
    • multiplies damage dealt proportionally to the percentage of the player's lost health,
  • Will of Guthan
    • heals the player by 25% of damage dealt
  • Will of Torag
    • applies Slowness II for 3 seconds
  • Will of Verac
    • causes the damage dealt with bypass armour
  • Will of Karil
    • applies Wither II for 3 seconds

These Wills will only apply when you critically hit your target.