Alfheim Apparatus

Brewing Flasks

Flasks can be used within brewing stands instead of vials, these flasks hold up to 8 charges of a Brew.

Cocoon of Caprice

Two minutes after placing it will turn into a baby animal.

95% of the time the cocoon will turn into a farm animal— a Sheep, a Pig, a Cow, a Chicken or a Rabbit (19% chance each). Cows have a 1% chance to be a Mooshroom instead.

5% of the time the Cocoon will become a Horse, a Wolf or an Ocelot (1.7% chance each).

Up to 20 Chorus Fruit can be given to the cocoon to give it a chance to spawn a Shulker instead of an animal. Emeralds will cause it to spawn a baby Villager instead. Each item will increase the chance by 5%.

Conjuration Catalyst

Previously we have put a simple Alchemy Catalyst below a mana pool to enable us to get different items when throwing stuff into the Mana Pool. With this upgraded catalyst you are able double some items when they are thrown into the Mana Pool:

  • Redstone
  • Glowstone
  • Nether Quartz
  • Coal
  • Snowball
  • Netherrack
  • Soul Sand
  • Gravel
  • Any Vanilla Leaves
  • Grass

Crafty Crate

The Crafty Crate has 9 slots, which can be filled with items in pattern of a recipe. Each slot can hold a single item. Items cannot be inserted manually. Items are inserted from left to right, top to bottom. The contents of the crate can be seen by pointing at it when holding the Wand of the Forest. Crafting Placeholders are used to fill the empty slots of the recipe, and will not be used up in the process.

When all of the crate's slots are filled, it will craft and eject the results, as well as leftovers such as placeholders or empty buckets. If the crate cannot craft with its contents, it will not output anything. Right-clicking with the Wand of the Forest will attempt to craft with the items currently in the crate, but the contents will be ejected regardless of the outcome.

Similarly to the Open Crate, if a solid block is under the crate, it will not craft until the block is removed.

A Redstone Comparator attached to this block will emit a signal with strength equal to the amount of items in the crate.

Lastly, Crafting Patterns can be used to restrict items from entering some slots of the crate, making them count as occupied by placeholders. The patterns are applied by right-clicking on the crate and are not consumed.

Drum of Gathering

When hit with a Mana Burst from a Mana Spreader, it will shear all Sheep in a 25x25x7 area. It can also milk Cows in the same radius provided there are empty Buckets on the ground in the area.

Spectral Platform

The Spectral Platform has no physical body, and is similar to the Abstruse Platform; everything will go through it on any side.

The Spectral Platform can also be camouflaged to take on the appearance of another block; right-click the platform with the desired block to be camouflaged as. The block used to camouflage the platform will stay in the player's hand. To change its appearance, right-click with another block while looking at the Spectral Platform.

Spectral Rail

Spectral Rail is a track, which, when travelled over, launches Minecarts into the air and gives them the ability to phase through blocks.