Alfheim Functional Flowers

These flowers can only be crafted with items you get from throwing items into the Alfheim Portal, these are by no means the last tier of flower:


The Orechid is a flower from Botania which turns nearby Stone into ores. To do this, the Orechid must be bound to a nearby Mana Pool and will consume a large amount of mana per operation. Each ore generated is selected at random, with the likelihood of each ore appearing being affected by the frequency with which they spawn naturally in the world; thus by default, blocks of Coal Ore will be common, and Diamond Ore quite infrequent (but still present). The Orechid can be disabled by applying a Redstone Signal. Operating range of Orechid is 11x11x6 with Orechid in the center . To be precise it is 5 blocks to each side, 2 blocks above, and 3 blocks below the flower.

Orechid Ignem

A functional flower that uses mana to convert all Netherrack within range into Nether Ores. The frequency of each type of ore is determined by the natural generation rate. This flower must be placed in the nether to function.

Heisei Dream

A functional flower that will use mana to awaken feelings of anger in nearby mobs. This flower uses mana to turn hostile mobs against each other, with a range of 5 blocks. It will continue to use mana to apply this effect even if no mobs are present nearby.


When supplied with Mana this flower will spawn stronger than usual mobs, which when killed will drop loot from the Dungeon Loot chest loot tables. This can be turned on and off with Redstone. Note that the Loonium Spawning mechanic can be tricky at times, ignoring walls/obstacles inside its spawning range, make sure to use a sufficient flat area size.


A functional flower that uses mana to teleport item sprites dropped nearby to abound block within its 12 block range. This only works for items that do not contain mana and items can only be teleported using this flower once. A Spectranthemum will not interact with item sprites teleported by any other Spectranthemum. The flower will need to be bound to a block by shift-right clicking with the Wand of the Forest in bind mode. To view the bound block, the player can sneak while holding the Wand of the Forest and looking at the flower.


The Bubbell functional flower that uses mana to create a sphere of air with an 11 block radius. This air replaces water, but when the flower stops working, water will return into the area. Note that not all blocks as Source ones.