Alfheim Mana Generating Flowers

These flowers can only be crafted with items you get from throwing items into the Alfheim Portal, these are by no means the last tier of flower:


The Spectrolus will eat wool and generate Mana, the only catch with this plant is that it will not just eat any wool, this plant will first eat white wool then work its way through the Minecraft colour spectrum.

White - Orange - Magenta - Light Blue - Yellow - Lime - Pink - Gray - Light Grey - Cyan - Purple - Blue - Brown - Green - Red - Black


An active mana generating flower which consumes any passive mana generating flower placed within 5 blocks, creating mana from each flower consumed. The Rafflowsia has diminishing returns if the same type of flower is consumed multiple times in a row, so a rotating combination of the different passive generating flowers is recommended for efficiency.