Alfheim Mystical Items

Crystal Bow

Firing this bow uses 200 Mana per shot instead of arrows. If the bow is enchanted with Infinity this cost is halved.

Drawing this bow is twice as fast as a regular Bow. If Tipped Arrows are present in the player's inventory, the bow will fire arrows with their effects. Arrows created by this bow cannot be picked up. This bow does not get damaged when used.

Equestrian Virus

When used on a tamed Horse (including donkeys and mules), it will turn it into a zombie horse, doubling its health and speed, increasing jump height by 50%, and nullifying all fall damage taken by the horse. The transformed horse will drop the horse armour it wears; mules and donkeys will drop their attached chests and their contents.

Extrapolated Bucket

Right-clicking on any source block of fluid, placed in the world will destroy this source block and destroy fluid as well.

Flare Chakram

When thrown, it will fly at a high speed, unaffected by gravity, bouncing off blocks, dealing 12 points of damage to creatures it comes in contact with and set them on fire for 5 seconds, dealing 4 points of fire damage per second. After 16 bounces or 3 seconds the Chakram will fly back to its thrower, ignoring all blocks and mobs.