Alfheim Rods

Rod of Bifrost

The Rod of the Bifrost consumes Mana from a player-carried Mana Tablet to create bridges in the direction the player is looking.

To create a bridge, the player must right-click while wielding the Rod of the Bifrost. A bridge of transparent, rainbow, and colour changing blocks will appear. When the bridge is created the player will be half-submerged in one of the bridge blocks.

A single bridge can reach as far as 100 blocks and lasts approximately 15 seconds before completely disappearing.

Each time a bridge is created, the Rod of the Bifrost takes roughly 15 seconds to recharge and for the old bridge to disappear—two bridges cannot exist at once. The durability bar shows the current state of recharging the Rod of the Bifrost is at. When the durability bar is full, it can be used again and the durability bar will disappear.

Multiple bridges can be created in creative mode.

Rod of the Highlands

The Rod of the Highlands is a higher-tiered version of the Rod of the Lands. Elven Knowledge must be acquired for its entry to be unlocked in the Lexica Botania. In addition to all of the Rod of the Lands' abilities, the Rod of the Highlands can place a Dirt block in mid-air using Mana from a Mana Tablet. This uses 150 Mana—twice as much as placing the block normally.

To place a Dirt block in mid-air, the player must face in the direction they want to place the block in and right-click.

Rod of the Shaded Mesa

By using a small amount of Mana from a player-carried Mana Tablet, the Rod of the Shaded Mesa can move and launch mobs and items.

When the right-mouse button is being held down, one of the mobs or items in a 32 block radius near the player's line of sight will be pulled close to the player. Once they get close, items will hover in front of the player, 2 blocks away. Mobs will hover 5 blocks away. Mobs being pulled will have their fall damage reset.

Left-clicking while an entity is being held with the Rod will launch the entity in the direction the player is looking.

Slime in a Bottle

When holding this item is inside a Slime chunk, the slimeball inside the bottle will start jumping.

World Seed

When used, it will instantly teleport the user to the coordinates of the Overworld spawn point if it is at least 24 blocks away, consuming the seed. It is possible to be teleported into a wall or above the void if the destination isn't safe. The teleportation is not interdimensional.