Elementium Tools and Armor

Elementium can be used to make tools and armour, although this is a higher tier of metal it does not mean it is better armour. Elementium Armor The Elementium armour works just like its previous tier armour but has a few different effects. The armour will drain mana from the player’s inventory (via Mana Rings/Tablets) to repair itself, it also has the protection value of Iron Armor. Wearing a full set will grant a 10% Mana reduction when using items that use Mana and will also give pixies a chance to get random potion effects.

Wearing any Elementium armour will have a chance for a Pixie to spawn when hit, these pixies will damage enemies.

Elementium Ingots can also be turned into tools, these tools we will use mana from the player’s inventory. These tools also share the same Right-Click effect as their Mana Steel counterparts. Some of these tools also have other special uses.

Elementium Pickaxe

This pickaxe will destroy any “mundane” blocks that are mined with it, blocks include Cobblestone, Dirt, Gravel, Netherrack. This can also be combined with the Terra Shatterer to pass on the same effect.

Elementium Shovel

This shovel will destroy a column of up to 11 blocks of gravity affected blocks, essentially when using this shovel on Gravel or Sand it will destroy 11 blocks up from the first block broken.

Elementium Sword

This sword will boost the damage done by pixies and can also spawn pixies.

Elementium Shears

These shears will shear sheep in an 11 block radius.