Mana Lenses

New materials means more lenses!

Mana Lens: Warp

When installed on a Mana Spreader, this Lens causes mana bursts fired at a Force Relay to warp directly to the bound block upon impact. The mana burst will continue at the same speed and angle it was going when it hit the Force Relay. This pulse will not carry Mana thus not be able to interact with machines such as the Hourglass.

When combined with Mana Lens: Bore to create a composite lens, this will prevent the Bore effect from breaking any Force Relay or Piston hit by the mana burst. It will also transfer broken blocks to the spot the burst originated from.

The Mana Lens can be applied to a Mana Spreader with a right-click and removed by right-clicking with an empty hand. Combining it with any colour of floral powder will dye it that colour, changing the colour of the mana burst. Combining it with a Mana Pearl will create a rainbow dye effect.

Mana Lens: Paintslinger

This lens can't be used without applying any dye on it, but when it is mixed with any colour of floral powder it can be installed on Mana Spreader or Mana Blaster to turn their Mana Bursts into colourful ones. When a coloured Burst hits Wool, Glass or Hardened Clay it dyes that block and connected blocks of the same type and colour to match the colour of the Burst. This also works to dye Sheep.

Combining it with a Mana Pearl will turn this Lens into 'Rainbow Tinged', so Mana Bursts from this lens will apply a random colour effect on ANY block (of the same type and colour, of course).