Red Stringed

Red Stringed is a system that allows you to control and detect certain nearby blocks wirelessly. Within “Red Stringed” there are a total of 6 Red Stringed blocks that can make automation a little tidier and also life a little easier.

What is important with Red Stringed is that blocks must be within 8 blocks of the Red Stringed Blocks and the red dot on each block must be facing the block you wish to interact with, you can have blocks in the path but it must be on the same level or at least pointing at the block you wish to interact with.

Placing down any Red Stringed blocks will face the red dot towards you, this can be rotated with the Wand of the Forest.

Using the Wand of the Forest you can see if and what block the Red Stringed block is bound to.

Red Stringed Containeri

The Red Stringed Container will all you to put items into an inventory from a distance, placing down the Red Stringed Container and then a chest within 8 blocks will connect the Red Stringed Container to the chest, you can then pump items into the Container which will land into the chest. You can connect hoppers, Hopper Hocks and any other item transport pipe to any of the other 5 sides of the Container. You can link the Container to any item that has an inventory such as Droppers, Dispensers and furnaces. It will only put fuel into furnaces.

Red Stringed Dispenser

Just like the Red Stringed Container the Red Stringed Dispenser will put items into an inventory but you can also send Redstone pulses to this block which will activate hoppers and droppers:

Red Stringed Nutrifier

Pointing the Nutrifier at a plant or a tree and then right-clicking the Nutrifier with bone meal will act like you are using bone meal on whatever the Nutrifier is pointed at. It's a wireless bonemeal!

Red Stringed Comparator

Pointing this at any inventory blocks that would output a Redstone signal, including Mana Pools. It is used to measure the contents or states of a block in a short-range. Using it on a Mana Pool it will put out the same Redstone signal the Mana Pool would depending on its current state.

Red Stringed Spoofer

Placing a functional flower on top of this and then any flower up to 8 blocks away will give the new flower the function of flower power. Placing a Fallen Kanade on top of the Spoofer and a Mystical flower up to 8 blocks away from the Spoofer will grant you Mystical flower a regen effect from the Kanade.

Red Stringed Interceptor

Whenever a player tries to interact with the bound block, the interceptor will make a clicking noise and emit a Redstone signal for 2 ticks. This can turn chests in trapped chests.