Before getting into Botania you need to have a few things in place:

  • Explored the world
  • Have a base of operations
  • Food Supply
  • Botania Flowers
  • Healthy Supply of Coal
  • A Book
  • Saplings
  • Shears

The first thing you will need to craft will be a Lexica Botania, this guide will walk you through all aspects of Botania but this book also contains everything this guide does (minus a few details).

You can always reference this book if you wish and you can also use this book to hover over Botania items and shift-right click to find out more about the items via the book. This book will also let you take notes (top left corner, click the thumbtack icon), access Botania mod settings, advancements and challenges.

Note: Items written in italics within this book are things that you should know about this mod, these are classed as the basics.

Warning: This mod requires lots of items to be dropped within the world (Q by default). It’s advisable to turn off any kind of item Magnets when playing around with Botania.