Flowers & Mushrooms

The only items that generate naturally within your world (with Botania installed) are flowers and mushrooms, there are 16 different types of flowers and mushrooms. These flowers are very different from any normal vanilla or other mods flowers because they are shiny, they also come in 2 sizes, 1 block and 2 blocks high. The 1 block tall flowers can be picked up by punching them and the 2 block high flowers can only be picked up by using shears on them if you punch 2 block high flowers they will not drop flowers but will simply disappear.

These flowers can be found above ground in any biome, these flowers spawn in groups and the mushrooms can be found mostly underground and do not spawn in groups.

These flowers can be turned into Petals by placing them in a crafting grid, 1 high flower produces 2 petals and 2 tall flowers produce 4.