Mana & Mana Pools

Mana in Botania is like RF to Thermal Expansion, it's the mods “power”, Botania is more of a tech mod than a magic mod.

Before we get into generating Mana we need to first explore how to store Mana, as you will need some kind of storage before you can put it to good use. Mana can be stored in Mana Pools. There are 2 sizes: a Diluted Mana Pool which will hold a small amount of Mana and a normal Mana Pool which will hold 100 times the amount of a Diluted Mana Pool (1,000,000 Mana).

The Diluted Mana Pool is mostly used as a buffer for bigger contraptions as it only holds a small amount which is perfect for smaller projects.

With a Wand of the Forest in hand you will be able to see how much Mana is within the Mana Pool, as this bar is so small and it's not possible to make it any bigger. You can also see how much is in a Mana Pool by just looking at it, if you can’t see any Mana then it's probably empty and if it looks around half full then it's probably half full, you get the picture.

Once you have Mana in your Mana Pool (more on this later) you can then start crafting more essential Botania items. Dropping certain items into a Mana Pool (Q by default) will cause them to be infused with Mana. These new Mana infused items can be then used to craft more Botania items.

You will be able to see if the Mana Pool has enough Mana to convert the item by hovering over the Mana Pool with any of the below items in hand, a check mark means you have enough and a cross means you need more Mana.

Original Items Mana Infused Version Use
Ender Pearl Mana Pearl Crafting Material
Diamond/Block of Diamonds Mana Diamond/Block Crafting Material
Iron Ingot/Nugget/Block Mana Steel Ingot/Nugget/Block Crafting Material
String Mana infused String Crafting Material
Quartz Mana Quartz Crafting Material
Glass Mana Glass Crafting Material
Sugar/Any Floral Powder/Redstone/Glowstone Mana Powder Crafting Material
Cookie Biscuit of Totality When eaten gives Saturation for 20 ticks

Glass bottles (empty) can also be thrown into a Mana pool, this will craft a “Mana in a Bottle”. When drunk the Mana in a Bottle loses durability to show how much is remaining in the bottle and you briefly acquire positive and negative effects. Some events may occur:

When drinking a bottle of Mana, one of the following events will be randomly selected to happen.

  • The player is given velocity moving them quickly in a random X-Z direction.
  • A Water source block forms at the player's feet.
  • The player is set on fire for 4 seconds.
  • A tiny explosion launches the player a few blocks in the air.
  • The player briefly acquires the Resistance status effect and is thrown extremely high into the air.
  • The player's health is set to any amount between 1 and 20
  • The player is given 20 absorption hearts for 120 seconds.
  • The player drops everything except the Mana in a Bottle.
  • The player's view is set to a random pitch and yaw.
  • The player teleports to on top of the top highest block above their current location.
  • The player is given an extreme speed potion effect (level 200) for 3 seconds.
  • The player acquires a 5-minute Night Vision status effect.
  • A Signal Flare of a random color will spawn near the player. If PvP is enabled, players within the area are afflicted with Slowness.
  • A Pixie briefly spawns.
  • The player is afflicted by Nausea and Blindness status effects for 8 seconds.
  • A block of the player's head drops on the ground.

Using JEI we can roughly guess how much Mana is needed for each of the above crafts. Mana Steel, Mana Diamond and Mana Pearls will be used a lot in the future so It's a good idea to stock up on these items.

You can place a Redstone Comparator next to a Mana pool and it will give off a Redstone signal, the signal strength depends on the amount of Mana within the Pool.

Any mention of Mana Pool from here on will reference the bigger of the 2 sizes unless otherwise specified.