Mana Tablet/Band of Mana

Mana can also be stored within Mana Tablets, this becomes essential later on when using items that require Mana to function. Mana tablets can be filled by throwing them into a Mana Pool. You must ensure that you check what mode the Mana Pool is in before throwing in your Mana Tablet. You can check what mode the pool is in by looking at it with a Wand of the Forest in hand.

The first mode will pull Mana from the Tablet into the Pool and the other will have the opposite effect. Mana Tablets in Mana Pools will not despawn, you can always pick them back up by getting close enough to the Mana Pool.

An alternative to the Mana Tablet is the Mana Ring. This functions just like the Mana Tablet but can be worn in the ring Bauble slot.