Pure Daisies

Pure Daisies are the first and most important functional flower you can create, it's advised you make at least 2 (a good healthy amount would be 8 since it allows you to craft more at once). These flowers can be used to turn Wood and Stone into their more functional counterparts: Living Wood and Living Rock.

Pure Daisys must be placed on Grass or Dirt but do not need direct sunlight to function. Surround the Pure Daisy with 8 Stone or Logs and wait. The Wood and Stone surrounding the Pure Daisys will sparkle (this means its working) and eventually turn into Living Stone and Living Wood.

The Pure Daisy must be on the same level as the Wood/Stone, it can not be floating above or below the Pure Daisy.

The Living Stone/Wood will need to be removed and replaced with Stone and Logs so the process can happen again. It’s a good idea to make a few stacks of both Living Rock and Living Wood as it will be used a lot with Botania. These items can be harvested with an Axe and a Pickaxe

Any Vanilla Minecraft wood can be used to make Living Wood.

Pure Daisys not only turn wood and stone into their Botania counterparts but they can also turn other blocks into different blocks. Netherrack will turn into Cobblestone, Soul Sand into Sand, Ice into Packed Ice and Water into Snow.