Runic Altar

The Runic Altar is used to make Runes, it requires Mana to function and also requires certain items to be either thrown or Right-Clicked (in any order) into the Altar, much like the Petal Apothecary you can also retrieve its that have been put in by mistake by Right-Clicking with an empty hand. Once the Altar has been activated it is no longer possible to get items back.

Once the correct items are in the Altar (you can see these floating around) and the Altar has received enough Mana from any linked Mana Spreader it will start crafting, you will hear a lighting sound and when looking at the Altar you can see a small timer going. Once this time has completed and you start seeing a bunch of blue sparks you will need to complete the craft by dropping or Right-Clicking 1 Living rock then you will need to Right-Click the Altar with your Wand of the Forest. This will complete the craft and give you Runes!

Just like the Petal Apothecary, you can Right-Click the Altar with an empty hand to put all the same stuff back in as your previous craft (without the living rock) as long as you have this in your inventory! Runes There are a total of 16 Runes and they will be required to make more advanced flowers and tools:

  • 5 Basic Runes which are relatively simple to make.
    • Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Mana
  • 4 medium Rune which requires runes from the previous tired to be craft
    • Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
  • 7 Advanced Runes which require runes from BOTH the previous tires to crafted
    • Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Wrath and Pride

When crafting Runes which require other Runes please note that these runes will not be consumed during the crafting process!