Utility Floras

There are some flowers that provide utility and do not require any Mana to function, these will not help give you anything other than information or make life a little easier.


The Solegnolia will disable the effect of the Ring on Magnetization within its range.


The Bergamute does not require any mana to work and also produces no Mana but it will reduce sounds around it by 85%. This flower is a great alternative to the Muffler block from Extra Utilities 2.


Manastars will tell you if you are gaining Mana or losing Mana within a certain range, placing them down near a Mana Pool and watching them will tell you if you are gaining Mana within the pool by giving off a Blue spark or a Red spark if you are losing Mana. Helpful if you want to glance over at the pool rather than using the Wand of the Forest.