Wand of the Forest

The Wand of the Forest is the universal wrench of Botania. It can be crafted with Living Wood (please check JEI) and 2 Petals of any colour. This wand has 2 modes that let you interact with Botania “machines” and flowers. To change modes you can shift-right-click in the air.

Function mode allows you to better arrange things and Binding Mode allows you to link together 2 Mana producing or absorbing items together.

Botania “machines” must be bound together, unlike other tech mods Botania has no “pipes” and the only way to link functioning flora and “tools” together is via the wand. The wand will be covered throughout the rest of the guide as it is used so often.

If you are not sure what mode you are in, you can check by hovering your mouse over the wand. Additionally, you can shift right-click things that can be rotated such as Anvils, chests and other blocks.