Advanced Dislocator

The Advanced Dislocator can be crafted by putting a Dislocator and a few materials within the Fusion crafting set up. The Advanced Dislocator allows you to set 100 different teleport points; this also works cross dimension. The Advanced Dislocator will use ender pearls as fuel consuming one per teleport. Locations can be named and set when Shift Right-Clicking the advanced dislocator in hand. These locations can also be locked so they won't be overwritten and can also be named.

Adding fuel to the Advanced Dislocator can be done by having Ender pearls within your inventory; clicking the "add” fuel button will add one ender pearl, shift-clicking this button will add a stack at a time.

To add a location, simply stand where you wish to be bound to and click "Add Location" a text box will appear with your current coordinates; this can be edited and changed to whatever you wish. Locations can be edited, overwritten and dealt with within this UI.


Holding shift and scrolling with the mouse wheel will scroll through all of your locations; you can also Shift right click with the Advanced Dislocator in hand and right-click location to teleport to them.

Advanced Translocators can also be put into a petal stool, allowing you to right-click the Dislocation within the pedestal and teleport you to its bound location. Naming an Advanced Dislocator within an anvil and placing this within the pedestal will show its name when looking at the pedestal,allowing anyone to use the Advanced Dislocator.