Infusion Crafting & Upgrades

The upgrade system within Draconic Evolution requires a lot of power and a lot of materials. You are gated within this system by the type of Draconium ingots ( Wyvan, Draconic and Chaotic). Not only can you add upgrades to your Draconic Armor and Weapons, but you can also craft new and more powerful weapons and armour.

Ensure you have an ample supply of power to perform any kind of fusion crafting.

Fusion Crafting Core

To get started with infusion, you will need to craft a fusion crafting core; this is used to place items into to upgrade or craft. This block does not require any power to function but will need 10 Fusion Crafting Injectors.

Right-clicking this core will allow you to put in items and also view crafting recipes. Once set up correctly and the correct crafting components have been added to each Fusion Crafting Injector, the Fusion Craft Core will allow you to start the crafting process.

Fusion Crafting Injectors

The fusion craft injectors are used to put the necessary crafting ingredients in for each craft/upgrade. You will need 10 for specific crafting recipes, so you might as well prepare 10. These need to be set up in the following way:


Now, this is not the only setup. Still, it is the easiest to set up that will always work—setting 5 Fusion Crafting Injectors opposite each other with the Crafting core in the middle as each crafting recipe requires up to 10 items within each Fusion Crafting Injector with ten ingredients spread on 2 sides of the recipe.

This is not the only way to set this up, but it’s by far the simplest way. You will notice that the Fusion Crafting Core is at the same Y level as the centre Fusion Crafting Injector; this is very important as putting this any lower or higher will not allow you to craft.

There are four Fusion Crafting Injectors; these are used for each level of Infusion Crafting: Basic, Wyvern, Draconic and Chaos. All of the crafting injectors must be at the right level (such as Chaotic) for each level of infusion, and these are backwards compatible such as doing Basic infusion crafting on Chaotic Fusion Crafting Injectors.