Wyvern Armor

Wyvern Armor can also be crafted early on; just like Wyvern tools, this armour is not cheap to begin with but is well worth the investment. This base armour can be upgraded, just like the tools. When you first craft this armour, it can only hold 4 million RF; you can charge each piece of armour wirelessly via Flux Networks or by an RF charger. As these tools hold so much RF, it is best to use an Energy Infuser from draconic Evolution.

Wyvern armour provides an RF-powered energy shield that dramatically mitigates damage. When wearing a full suit, the player gains total immunity to fire and lava.


When wearing this armour, you will notice a bar on your screen; this top bar will show the amount of RF your armour has; this only counts the armour you are wearing. The top bar is your shield. As long as this bar is full, you will not take any damage.

As you take damage, the shield will regenerate quickly to start with, but as you take more and more damage, you will notice that the green middle bar will slowly reduce. This bar represents your entropy; as you take damage, the entropy bar will slowly decrease; if you stop taking damage, this bar will slowly fill back up. Entropy reduces the rate at which your shields recover; the more you get hit, the more entropy you get, and the slower your shields can recover, once it is gone your shields will not regenerate.

The RF restores your shield energy within the armour; the amount of RF within your armour can be seen via the blue bottom bar. Once you are out of shield power, you will then start taking damage.

A full set of Wyvern Armor will give you 256 Shield Points and around 15 Million RF fully charged; this set of armour will not come pre-charged.