Draconium Ore

Draconium Ore has three variants, and each variant will spawn within the overworld, Nether and the End. This ore is key to DE and will be needed in massive amounts. This ore requires a Diamond Pickaxe to mine. When this ore is broken, it will drop up to 4 Draconium Dust; this can be improved to around 12 with any kind of Fortune enchant. This ore can be rarely found in the overworld very close to bedrock (around Y level 8), it can also be found within the Nether, but this is also rare.

The End Dimension will have an abundance of Draconium Ore; this can be found around the initial starting island, it can also be found in comets that are outside of the main starting island. These comets are your best source for this ore. The ender dragon and the Chaos Guardian will also drop Draconium Dust.

If you mine draconium ore with the world breaker from Avaritia you will get tons of draconium dust.


You will need a LOT of Draconium ingots to get started with this mod; save all you can get!