Writing Custom Dimensions

By now, you have hopefully gathered enough pages to be able to write your own Age. This can be done via the Writing Desk. When it comes to writing ages that have little to no instability, or stable Ages, things can get a bit more difficult.

Throwing any old pages, in any order, into a book can lead to Ages being very unstable. You can throw a few pages into a Descriptive Book, and when the age is created, the mod will autofill the book with other random pages. This can still lead to unstable Ages, and/or Ages with unintended properties.

In order to write a stable age, you need to follow specific grammar rules. It’s best to plan out what kind of world you want and then try and write a world with the following grammar rules:

  1. Link Panel Page

  2. Biome Pages

  3. Biome Distribution Page (only one)

  4. Terrain Block Page

  5. Ocean Block Page or No Seas Page

  6. World Type Page (only one)

  7. Weather Page (only one)

  8. Lighting Page (only one)

  9. (Optional, for Sun) Color Pages, Sunset Color Page

  10. Length Pages

  11. Direction Pages

  12. Phase Pages

  13. Normal Sun (if no Sun, replace line with Dark Sun)

  14. (Optional, for Moon) Color Pages, Sunset Color Page *

  15. Length Pages

  16. Direction Pages

  17. Phase Pages

  18. Normal Moon, (if no Moon, replace line with Dark Moon)

  19. (Optional, for Stars) Color Pages

  20. Length Pages

  21. Direction Pages

  22. Star Page (if no stars, replace line with Dark Stars)

  23. Color Pages: Sky Color (Or replace line with Natural Sky Color)

  24. Color Pages: Night Sky Color (For Default Night Sky, use Black Color )

  25. Color Pages: Fog Color (Or replace line with Natural Fog Color)

  26. Color Pages: Cloud Color (Or replace line with Natural Cloud Color)

  27. Color Pages: Water Color (Or replace line with Natural Water Color)

  28. Color Pages: Foliage Color (Or replace line with Natural Foliage Color)

  29. Color Pages: Grass Color (Or replace line with Natural Grass Color)

  30. (Optional) Boundless Sky and/or Rainbow Pages

  31. Large Feature

    • If using Tendrils Page: add a Block Page before this Page.
    • If using Floating Islands Page, add a Block Page and Biome Page before this Page.
  32. Medium Feature (add a Block Page before if using Spheres Page or Spikes Page)

  33. Small Feature

    • If using Crystalline Formations Page: add a Block Page before this Page (Block Pages accepted are:

      • Glass
      • Ice
      • Packed Ice
      • Snow
      • Glowstone
      • Nether Quartz Ore
      • Crystal
    • If using Deep Lakes Page or Surface Lakes Page: add a Block Page (liquid), Ice Page or Packed Ice Page before this Page

    • If using Obelisks Page: add a Block Page before this Page.

  34. (Optional: Effects Pages)

  35. Clear Modifiers Page (Clear Modifiers is optional but reduces the chances of the age being violently unstable due to grammar errors, generates a small amount of instability for every “dangling” or “unused” page it accepts, can also be used as a “safety net” at the end of complex passages if you’re unsure of your grammar.)


  • Any optional sections you decide to leave out may be randomized for you. The more specific you are, the less is left to chance.
  • For an age to be “stable,” it must have all grammar elements satisfied and use no pages that generate base instability. It is possible to have “pseudo-stable” ages with some instability, but not enough for decay, usually by balancing the “unstable” pages with ones that reduce instability.
  • Additional Celestials, Features and Effects can be added, as long as they remain in the correct format. There is no limit on the number that can be added.
  • Native Biome Distribution, Natural X Color pages, and Dark Celestials accept no modifiers.
  • Replace line means "remove that page and all its modifier pages, the replacement page accepts no modifiers."
  • Effects will not be added randomly unless the age is unstable due to either greedy pages like Dense Ores or grammar errors.
  • There are pages that will add instability. Anything that adds ores or other rare resources, or give some form of advantage to the player, will generally cause instability.
  • Pages like Dense Ores, Diamond Ore Block, Accelerated, etc. will create a lot of instability. When Mystcraft first loads, a dimension that is similar to the overworld is created and is profiled to calculate a baseline for how many resources an “Overworld-Like” Age should contain.
  • Ages with Bright Lighting are easier to mine in.
  • Ages with Dense Ores have more abundant ore generation.
  • All of these things will cause Instability (via Greed), and possibly lead to Decay. However, pages that intentionally make the age more dangerous actually add some base stability to the Age. Examples of these pages are “Lightning”, “Scorched Surface”, or “Random Explosions”. Some mods will even add materials that are dangerous enough to qualify for this effect.

*Minecraft Moon(s) do share the same "Sunset effect" as the Minecraft Sun(s). The Sunset Color page is valid and does create a colored "moonrise/set" when the moon sets/rises.